Can You Believe It’s Been A Year?

A year ago we shipped out our very first month with only 33 customers. Today, a shocking 12 of this customers are still active members! It really means a lot to Kevin and I that they stuck around and showed their support through various changes and complications. I would like to take a moment and thank each one individually:

  • Vanessa R.
  • Travis L.
  • Todd W.
  • Terry B.
  • Paul W.
  • Mike H.
  • Michael L.
  • Mark M.
  • Henrik B.
  • Eric L.
  • Brad H.
  • Bill G.

Kevin and I greatly appreciate your support and sticking by our side on this crazy venture! We wouldn’t be here today without your feedback and suggestions. Here’s to twelve more AMAZING months!

What The Heck Is In April’s Box?

For April’s box, we decided to do something special to celebrate our amazing customers. We gave them the option to vote on all the filament featured in past Maker Boxes for a chance to have them featured one more time. We had 100+ votes and have very clear winners. What are those materials? Well, I can’t say just yet, but one lucky local customer picked up his box early and I think his reaction speaks for itself:


Some Crazy Stats!

I spent this morning pulling our shipping data and running some simple spreadsheets to give me some awesome Maker Box facts!

  • A total of 4445 Maker Boxes have been shipped to date
  • That is a total of 19488 samples
  • Those samples are equivalent to 298,368 Meters or almost 1,000,000 Feet (978,898 Feet) of filament. That is enough to reach the International Space Station at its average distance from Earth!
  • That is equivalent to 904 KG of PLA

We have shipped to a total of 33 different countries and have reached ALL 50 domestic states!

Giveaway Winners!

After a total of 14 people not claiming their prizes, we finally have all prizes CLAIMED! Let’s start with the runner-up prizes:

  • Flexion Extruder: Michiel H.
  • Bi-Monthly Maker Box: Gary C.
  • BuildTak FlexPlate: Ross K.
  • 2 Spools of Elixir PLA: John C.
  • 2 Micro-Swiss Hardened Nozzles: Michael P.
  • 3 Samples of Stratasys ABS-P430: Lou A.
  • 1KG of Coex 3D ABS and MG94: Mark C.
  • 3 Proto-Pasta Samples of Choice: Brett M. & Jared D.
  • Toner Plastics ASA: Charles B.

Congratulations to all of the runner up winners! Now onto the Grand Prize WINNER! First, let’s recap what this lucky man won.

  • FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer
  • Un-released Proto-Pasta filament samples
  • 2 spools of choice from FormFutura
  • 2 Micro-Swiss Nozzles
  • 1 KG of Coex 3D PLA and PLA Prime
  • 1KG of TonerPlastics PLA Pearl

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. Most of these companies have been with us since the beginning, supporting this crazy adventure we have been on.

And now. The winner is…………Joseph B.

One Last Thank You.

We have a lot planned in the near future. We plan to bring a couple of great guys onto the team to help spread the responsibilities and focus on more amazing content being brought into the box. Hopefully, this will bring more bang for your buck while maintaining the premium Maker Box experience.

Kevin and I want to thank everyone who helped get us to where we are today. That includes our amazing customers, the companies we work with, our friends and families, and the guys over at Printed Solid who help get our boxes out on time every month!

Thank you all and hopefully we will still be around for another one of this posts in 12 months!

One Last Thing . . . A Very Big Thing.

I have created a GIANT Maker Box coin that I would love to make into a community build. There is a total of 125 parts. If you would like to get involved. Please shoot an email to [email protected] with how many parts you would like to print and what your maximum print size is!