So far I have printed two things with this filament, a fidget spinner and a strength tester. I got this filament in red.

Ease of use

Quality with recommended settings

As with all new filaments I get, for the first print, I use the recommended settings and then work from there. With the recommended settings, there was much globbing on the nozzle as it was printing in small areas, such as a thin wall. This makes quality somewhat lower but still good.

Number of tries until a successful print

This filament is difficult to print. It has poor first layer adhesion, causing it to pop off very easily when the print head or fan goes by. This makes it very hard to get a good print on the first try. It took me at least 5 tries to get a good print for the spinner because the first layer did not adhere. Then I learned that may layer heights were too large, so I bumped them down and it worked as you would expect.



The detail on this filament is good in general, but if there are a lot of details on the first layer, it will make it much harder for it to adhere properly. However, if there is a simple first layer, you should be able to get good detail above it.


To test the strength of this filament, I printed a bar that was roughly 3.75″ x 0.75″ x 0.125″ with 100% infill and tried to break it. The bar was very hard to break, taking lots of effort.  This filament can be used for high-stress parts, even if it isn’t a thick part.


I printed this filament as it said to, with thick layers and slow speeds, and it looked very unique, but do not get the impression that this filament is see-through. If you print something that is one layer thick, yes you can see through it, but if you have multiple layers, it will just look like a shiny red (which is still sweet).


Surprisingly, the specs for this filament are exactly like PLA except for the print speed.

Hot end Temperature: 195-225°C

*Bed Temperature: 0-60°C

Print Speed: 25-60 mm/sec

*You do not need a heated print bed to print with this filament


This filament looks great but can be difficult to print. It has high strength but poor adhesion to the bed. It is only transparent in thin layers but looks cool anyway. This filament should be purchased by makers who have experience and who want a cool looking color.