So far I have printed three things with this filament and they have all turned out very well. I printed a laying thin man for my mom’s desk, a stealth bomber for my brother who is into planes, and a strength tester.

Ease of use

Ease of support/raft removal

Removing the raft was a breeze for me but the supports were a different story. There was support on the entire underside of the plane because the wings were slanted slightly upward. This support never truly came off, but after lots of cutting and filing, it has fair quality.

Quality with recommended settings

As with all new filaments I get, for the first print, I use the recommended settings and then work from there. For the glitter filament, the recommended settings worked great and I had no problems with extrusion or adhesion. The quality was all-around good.

Number of tries until a successful print

There really aren’t many places where this filament can go wrong, and so far it hasn’t for me. Right out of the bag I got good, crisp, quality prints, on the first try.



The level of detail that this filament provides is high, the corners are sharp and the curves are smooth. The detail is high but if you print a part with lots of detail it may go unnoticed because the glitter can be distracting and make it hard to see any minute details.


To test the strength of this filament, I printed a bar that was roughly 3.75″ x 0.75″ x 0.125″ with 100% infill and tried to break it. When the bar was printed out of this glitter filament, it was tough to break, making it great for high-stress parts.


The finish of this filament was as expected. It has nice, crisp edges and smooth flat surfaces.The outside of the print has a nice glittery edge that you would expect and looks good even if you just want a grayish color.


The overall specs of this filament are nearly identical to regular PLA. This makes it very easy for inexperienced/new makers to get a great looking print easily.

Hotend Temperature: 190-230°C

*Bed Temperature: 0-70°C

Print Speed: 30-90 mm/sec

*You do not need a heated bed to print with this filament


All in all, this filament is very easy to use and looks great, making it suitable for decorations and parts that will not be under high stress. This filament is worth buying if you want to make unique decorations or just want something to look cool and different.